Why take the seaweed mat out of the water during the off season?
This prevents silt from building up on it over the years. It also prevents ice damage.

Why don’t you sell seaweed mats without the weights and allow customers to install their own rebar?
The rebar we use is smooth and is custom cut for us at a length of 12’6” (large) and 7’6” (small). This is very difficult for the average consumer to find in local home improvement stores or lumber yards.

Can we order mats without weights and install them ourselves?
We are working on a modification to our system and hope to have unweighted mats available soon. However this will cause additional work for the consumer as you will have to purchase and install your own weights after receiving the mat.

Should the seaweed control mats be moved or flipped during the season?
You don’t have to move the mats but they can be moved after about 2 – 3 weeks in one area if you want to clear another area. They should be flipped over at least once during the season to prevent silt from building up on them.

Why are some other lake mats cheaper?
The cheaper mats are sold without the weights. The weights are the most expensive cost associated with mats. By the time the consumer purchases the weights, the cost of most other mats is greater than ours.

Do seaweed control mats really work?
Absolutely, and best of all with no cutting, raking, hauling, or outrageous cost of other removal systems. They are also friendly to the ecosystem of the lake.

Are the seaweed control mats easy to move?
Basic large mats weigh 90 lbs. Once it’s at the shoreline a normal person can unroll, then float the mat across the water to desired spot and place it at the bottom.

What maintenance do you do at the end of the year?
Nothing is required. If you do decide to take the mat out of the lake for the off season, simply clean off the mat by rotating the mat in the water. Then you roll up the mat and store outside or inside.

Will the mats float away?
No, but watch out for the lake harvesters, they may come in contact with them.

Can you swim or walk on the seaweed mats?
Certainly,the mat is 100% safe; some people even do water aerobics on them.

Can I downsize the mat if I need the mat to fit between docks?
Yes, just go between the centers of the attached weight system and cut, make sure to burn the edges with a butane torch to reseal the raw edges.

Will they work for ponds as well?
Yes, 10% of sales is for ponds and tough pond edges that you can’t mow or control.

Is there a top and bottom to the mat?
No, either side up is OK. When moving a mat follow these steps – take hold of one end with two hands, walk the mat back over itself, as you do this the water forces the mats to the top for easier moving while cleaning the mat off at the same time.

After a two week placement of the seaweed control mat will weeds return that season?
Normally not, but it depends on when the mat was placed. If the mat was placed at the early part of the season (before sprouting), then you may have to move it back.

Lake floor after mat install (2.5 weeks)