Installation of your seaweed control mat is so simple you only need 1 or 2 people. Seaweed Mats that are installed during the growing season will suppress all plants within two to three weeks. Once a mat is in place, plant suppression will usually last the entire season.

How to InstallSeaweed Mat on lake bottom

  • Carry mat to a depth of about 2 feet
  • Grab the end bar of the Seaweed Mat
  • Start walking in the direction you want to put the mat. As you are walking continue to pull the end bar behind you.
  • Stop at the location you would like the mat to be placed, and allow the mat to sink
  • Position mat to desired area and pull last bar on each end outward to stretch out mat
  • Walk along mat and flatten in place using hand or heel

How to Move

  • Grab the end bar on one end of the Seaweed MatSeaweed Mat moving demo
  • Pull the bar over the rest of the Seaweed Mat
  • As you pull the bar over the rest of the Seaweed Mat, you will bring the mat back to the surface. Any sediment that has settled on it should float off.
  • Float the mat to the new location you would like to cover
  • Follow the steps above for installing the mat in the new location